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Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are a simple, practical and very stylish way to dress your windows. They can be a bold style statement picking up the colours and details in your home or a simpler classic blind offering both excellent shading and privacy. 

EXTENSIVE fabric choices

Our approach to selecting fabrics is slightly different from most blinds companies in that we do not source all our fabric from just one supplier. This gives you more choices.

By sourcing fabrics from a number of suppliers we can keep up with the latest fabric trends, colours and textures as tastes change and evolve, ensuring you have the very best selection to choose from.

We have the answer to all your roller blind needs. From a wide range of plain, textured, woven and printed fabrics in many finishes you can choose fabrics which are sheer, dim out, blackout, pvc, solar reflective, and fire retardant.


It's up to you!  Choose from a wide selection of shaped scallops or a simple, classic straight finish for your roller blinds.  You can then pick from a choice of end caps, pulls, eyelets, corsages and lot’s of lovely braids.


We manufacture all of our roller blinds here in our own factory and put forty plus years of experience into each and every one. All our blinds are made to your exact sizes and finished to your requirements. For longer life, we use heavy duty aluminium poles.

We have a number of choices here for you to consider.

Standard Roller System

Simple, raise and lower your roller blind easily by a side operating chain.

Senses Roller System – slow rise

Senses slow rise gives you a roller blind with no cords or chains, completely child safe.  The blind is raised and lowered by a sprung loaded roller pole controlled by a decorative pull or handle on the bottom bar.  It can also be set to stop at a specific point on your window. Available with or without a pelmet, we have a selection of coloured end caps for you to choose from too to finish the look.

Senses Roller System – Chain Controlled

Similar to our standard roller blinds, raise and lower your blind by a side operating chain. What makes this one different is the addition of a pelmet and a choice of end caps finishes.

INTU Roller System

This system of roller blind fits directly into the glass pane of your window, No drilling, no screws no chains or cords. Originally they were designed for tilt & turn windows but can be fitted on almost any UPVC Window or Door.

Motorized Roller System

Mains or battery operated.  We can install roller blinds that raise and lower by remote control, wall switch or by way of a timer based system.